Eleven Dimensions – Sci-Fi London 48hr Challenge 2014 | Short Film

Director : David O’Reilly
Producer : Vinnie Jassal

Although the competition states 48hr challenge, this project was pulled off in 22hrs, because of scheduling conflicts everything had to be done on the Sunday.
It was great working with David and the gang again as it had been over 10 years since our very first short film, including all Cast, I remember Nico (Party man 1)and Piero (Greg) being  as tall as my waist now they are both taller than me !
As for the shoot, it was a skeleton crew, so that included me, me and me, but everyone pitched in (cast) and helped with whatever they can.
Equipment was a 7D with Kit lens and one L series lens, photographic tripod and a handful of lights, and for the time travel effect an Atomic 3000 – oops !!
Went through quite a bit of fuses, but we managed to find the right  level and duration to run it at, in hindsight might have been a bit overkill, nah it wasn’t !
As we had to submit  on the Monday and knowing the edit will take a bit of time actually it took until  3am, I decided to shoot neutral with Sharp, Sat and Con setting to ’0′, normally I would have loaded Technicolor’s Cinestyle but didn’t want to risk having such a flat image to grade in such a short space of time, even though I filled the shadows, that 7D sure knows how to crunch.

Overall a  Sunday well spent.

Emily | Shortfilm – Updated

At the begining  of the year I had shot a little teaser for the short film titled Emily  directed by Guy Davies.

Emily is a film about the progression of emotions and the development of a relationship between an intelligent girl and her kidnappers.
I Jumped on the train from London to Bristol first thing in the morning, or rather really really early in the morning for the  one day shoot,  shot on the 5D and some house found practicals and a kino. A  few weeks later  this was then used on Kickstarter.com where Guy and Matt Brawley ( producer)  managed to raise an impressive £3,848 ! for the shoot,

A few months later, enough was raised for us to shoot on 4:3 Alexa & spherical front lomos, This has been one the sexiest setups I have ever shot with, absolutely beautiful. None of this  2:40 extraction from 16×9 images, we are talking true 2x squeeze. The quality of this setup becomes very apparent very quickly .

Overall a  straightforward shoot, we had a bit of steadicam ( Matt allsop ) some low loader for the car driving scenes, a night scene and the main location where the kidnapper was held ransom.

Emily is now is post production.

Definitely a good way to have spent the weekend.