Pioneer New Controller DDJ-WeGO | Viral

Had to keep this  under wraps for a while prior to Pioneer’s global launch of their new controller  the – DDJ-WeGO , a virtual twin turntable mixer combo for aspiring and  DJs alike.  Didn’t have time to take it for a spin – excuse the pun – but I hope to some day. Directed by Ben Peters he as always brings something fresh to the tables. We have worked together on numerous projects now and I have noticed through time that we  basically speak in short hand.
The DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller plugs into your laptop/PC via the USB port and the two wheels of the virtual turntable simulate the wheels of vinyl ;  and an assortment of buttons create different audio effects.
The budget was  small for this viral, but we managed to squeeze two Canon C300s, a set of CP2’s and 100mm macro into this shoot. In my opinion 2 cameras are usually  necessary for  dance routines- street in particular .  I was working with my regular crew, who were as  always, very supportive.
I decided to go for a mini jib ( baby version of a jib)  – basically an extended arm which enables the camera to basically perform vertical moves, grab  bird’s eye view, overhead shots etc- an added expensive decision which further boosted an already limited budget – you could hear the silence in the room and the many pairs of eyeballs eyeballing me… but it was worth it    ( he says ), as the end result clearly shows. ( the last shot sped up with hands using the controller looking down from over head). What I am really saying here is that film  making is always a collaborative process or should I say benefits from collaboration and trust. Its not about getting a tool for the sake of it or just to create a “cool” shot and sometimes these tools do cost money but in the end one has to weigh up how much is to gain  from the use of it in terms of story telling vs how much one stands to loose for the sake of a few hundred pounds…
However, I have to say production were very supportive and  after explaining the necessary uses of the mini jib, they were all onboard.
It just deserved that different angle/viewpoint to really appreciate Pioneer’s beautiful  new controller the DDJ-WeGO.